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Beltane Sacred Marriage Ceremony

Online Retreat Day for Women

Sunday 12 May

 10 - 5.30pm (CEST) 

As we continue through the Wheel of the Year, approaching the height of Spring and Beltane (the festival of fertility, union, sensuality and delight), you are invited to join a tribe of women, united in love and committed to healing, for this online Sacred Marriage Ceremony, in the comfort of your own home. 

This retreat day will offer space for you to connect your daily life with the depth and sacredness of ceremony as a living practice. Bridging the gap and allowing for the constant flux of evolution, healing and transformation to exist as an integrated and joy-filled part of your living life. 

Dance of Masculine & Feminine

The focus of our gathering is on meeting, understanding, compassionately holding and joyfully uniting in a dance between our inner feminine and masculine. We will use our real life relationships as a tool to understand the struggles, conflicts, and misunderstandings that we may be unconsciously facing within ourselves. 

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.

— Rumi

Conscious Relating

Engaging consciously in relating with others is one of the greatest amplifiers of the unconscious realms. As relational beings, with open, sensitive and vulnerable hearts, we are constantly invited to recognise the potential of every relationship as a mirror reflecting back our own tender, hidden and often disguised reality. We can count on those we are in close relationship with to reflect back all that is unresolved within us, and show us directly where True Love is yet to fully bloom. 


We will spend the day in ceremony exploring practices and wisdom that support our journey in revealing how our inner world directly reflects, affects and sets the tone for our outer reality. Igniting the understanding that the two are in fact one and the same, and the separation we feel is simply where our commitment to Love is being strongly called for. In getting brutally honest with the inner fight we stand the chance of creating an entirely new pathway fused together by the very fabric of Love, uniting these two polarities in balance, harmony and wholeness. A challenge of a lifetime that is greatly assisted by every relationship we are blessed to experience in our life. 


What is your heart longing for when it comes to intimate relating? What patterns are playing out in your relating over and over again? Are there relationships in your life that feel stuck? How does this relate to your inner reality? What feels out of balance? How do you deal with conflict?  

Within this ceremonial container, the following practices will be offered as support for deepening during the day:

• Meditations inviting a deep journey inwards to rest and get to know our inner man and woman

• Conscious sharing practices to explore and reveal our inner and outer terrain through the intimacy of spoken word 

• Sacred Somatic Movement to sounds that support the transmission of the Inner Sacred Marriage rites

• Practice of prayer to root deeply and honestly in our longing

• Contemplative Self-Enquiry

• Gentle Touch Practices
• Sacred rituals, including taking the Oath of Commitment

Online Ceremony Space

I'm happy to welcome sisters from all around the globe to join us for these gatherings.

Within the intimate online space you will be held safely and guided deeply, offering a safe and nurturing container to be seen, heard, held, supported, celebrated and ultimately invite the intimate unfolding of your sweet being.

And for those of you that are not so experienced in working online, I assure you the depth of connection and transmission from being to being is equally strong - as if we are together in person! Let's move forward together with the times! 

"My dearest beautiful Naseem thank you so much for the intimate beautiful sacred space you created for us last night, I loved it and would really love to do more online things with you, you hold the space so beautifully and sincerely and I didn’t feel any of the online barriers I thought I would. I could still feel the beautiful connection of all our energy’s together. So grateful for you"

A link to the online space will be sent out to you once your booking has been confirmed. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook Support Group, where we will continue to share intimately and build connection.

To check the time of the event in your time zone, click here.


£40 - Early Bird (if booked by 22 April)

£45  - Full Exchange (23 April Onward)

£90  - Beltane Care Package - includes a follow up 1:1 Mentoring Session with Naseem 

For a deeper understanding of the work offered and potential of this gathering's exploration please read Conscious Relating.

Join the Facebook Event for up to date info.

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