Seeds of Spring

Guided Soundscape Journey 


Welcome to the beginning of Springtime.

Below you will find a collection of guided meditation journeys accompanied by soothing soundscapes, along with an empowering movement medicine journey to support a tender transition through springtime. 

Spring brings forth a powerful process of emergence from the last traces of winter, a time of listening deeply to the whispers of our heart as life and creativity begins to stir and sprout. This season of birthing can often be tricky to navigate, expansion and transition aren't always comfortable, yet nature is clearly showing us that this arrival is not supposed to be rushed. The guided support below is provided to assist this strong transition in a way that brings joy and ease into the system as we each transmute out of our cocoon at our own pace.  

Seeds of Spring Journey

This offering consists of a 3-part guided meditation/visualisation soundscape journey, along with a deep and juicy movement medicine journey.

Listening & Longing

The first meditation awakens the stirrings of your heart towards this new season, attuning you to move in reciprocity with nature through deep listening, nourishing the seeds held within your desires. 

Rivers of Life

The second meditation journey invites you to move in attunement with the powerful rivers of life that flow within you. To rest and move organically with the pulse of life. 

Birthing the Wild-Flower

The third and final meditation journey awakens our connection to passion and creativity and reminds us of our innate florescent nature as we aspire to birth beauty into the world. An honouring of the sacred force of creation that created us as we bravely manifest beauty into form.  

Breakdown, Breakthrough, Break Free

This delicious movement medicine journey invites you back home to your body-space, to move tenderly, freely and organically as your body is longing to, listening deeply to the life pulse that is almost ready to burst through. Welcome to set yourself up in a cosy space or take this out into nature, move on the ground as well as on your feet. Simply let the organic unfolding of your body guide you as you root and expand. 

Suggestions on how to work with the offerings

The offering was created as a journey so welcome to enjoy in the order provided or simply let yourself be guided to what you may need in the moment.

Seeds of Spring can also be enjoyed as a mini-retreat or in bites as and when needed. 




I'd love to hear your feedback on his offering, how it supported you, and whether you'd like more of this content in the future. Please feel free to comment below or leave a rating - thank you!

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