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Imbolc - Reverence to Feminine Power

Every year between the thresholds of Winter solstice and Spring Equinox we reach a significant growth edge. Just as we think we've settled into winter and feel the stirrings of life and pull towards spring, we realise that we still have a few months of winter to go!

Nature, She is testing and teasing our patience and capacity to stay put.

This long period of dormancy invites a continued state of receptivity (yin) and in that turn inwards many of us are brought even closer towards our internal clearing, cleaning and healing journey. The beauty of this process lies not only in the blood, sweat and tears of the healing journey itself, but also in acknowledging the Sacred Space that is carved out as we slowly, compassionately and continually empty out. Winter is essentially preparing us to become reliable containers for Holy Life Force. Just like Spring, the Power of Creation longs to arrive and reclaim space

The gift of real Feminine Power is not entitled, but bestowed as an ongoing blessing to those trustworthy enough to venerate.
Every Day.

The thing is when it comes to the revelation of Feminine Wisdom, she quite literally demands a steady and receptive container to unfold Herself. Every time we bail from our bodies, retreat from our pain, get lost in our minds, basically disappear from the present moment, She bails too. She demands nothing less than our commitment to stay. To bow.

It has been an ongoing learning for me to understand the depth of reverence that is required in the meeting with Her. Finding myself head deep in the healing process, I'd often struggle, push back, resist, completely unaware of how damn lucky and privileged I am to know such dark depths.

But everytime life brings you to your knees, your in the right position to pray.

The beauty that is born here is astonishing. I kept telling myself: "If only I knew!" But actually nature, her seasons and cycles have always explicitly shown me this truth.

Each year the seasonal junctures and 8 Fold Year whisper new secrets in my ear, and I'm so grateful for these ongoing teachings.

So with Imbolc approaching, the gentle stirrings of fertility within the Earth and the current wild cosmic skies working their magic to prepare us for the coming time; remain stedfast. Let Her test your patience and capacity to stay put. And each time you grow wider in bowing to that process, stay present to the silent showering of Grace that follows.

You are being preped, moulded and shaped to perfection.

We can only imagine what breathtaking beauty lies ahead...

** Join me for the upcoming:

Saturday 6 February

as we welcome with reverence the Power of She into motion. Accompanied by a super sweet playlist to gently stir us awake

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