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2018 - We Survived!

If you are reading this, it's official... we have made it; in one piece to the end of what has been an absolutely epic year for most of us. Holy hell, its certainly not been easy, and I know many of you have met challenges and processes that have tested your faith and thrown you sideways and back again (it's certainly been that way for me!). I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU, to a all of you for journeying with me and walking on despite the many moments where it looked like you just couldn't face anymore. I especially want to thank those very dear souls that I have been blessed to work with this year, whether 121, in retreat or ceremony, it has been such a joy and privilege to journey alongside you, to offer support and hold space for the precious evolution of your being. THANK YOU, deeply from the depths of my heart. You have no idea how much I learn and grow through working with you, and how truly touching it is to witness the mini miracles that unfold within your life and being along the way. You are brave beyond belief dear one. Your courage blesses you and each of us with an example of what it means to live by grace, rooted firmly in the wild flames of love, obliterating our limited sense of self over and over, and birthing us anew. If you are on my mailing list there are some gifts coming your way right now: - New Guided Meditation Recording - Winter Practice Offerings - Event Details for Imbolc Ceremony in the UK - And a little extra for your eyes only... If your not, it's not too late to sign up and get in on the goodies: I look forward to seeing and hearing you in the New Year, whether it be in the UK, on Møn, online or here on good old social media. For now, seasonal and winter blessings to you on your way inwards; may the journey ahead be lit with insight, joy and the wisdom of winter. I pray that this winter dive blesses you with the deeper reality of what it means to truly love yourself. You quite simply deserve it. Deepest gratitude and love for the sweetness of your being Naseem x

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